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Take Control of your Big Data At Scale, and in Real Time

As businesses continue to evolve in the digital age and decisions need to be made ever more quickly, it is becoming imperative to respond to events the moment they happen, otherwise organizations run the risk of: Losing customers to their competition; Losing money to production failures on a manufacturing line; Or failing to spot fraud. Apama enables organizations to maximize the value of their big data by analyzing and acting on high-volume operational and customer interactions in real-time, so that they can act on and respond to events while they still matter.

Big Data Streaming Analytics

The highest scoring streaming analytics platform, period

The Bloor Market Report gives Software AG the highest score of any streaming analytics platform. We bring the highest performing data stream processing engine to deliver real-time business transformation to our customers. Bloor says it best: Software AG’s “comprehensive combination of performance and scalability, streaming analytics operators, graphical tools and solution accelerators for application development” put us at the top of the class. Read your copy of the report here.

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Big Data Streaming Analytics

Software AG is a leader for Big Data Streaming Analytics

Software AG is ranked a Leader in The Forrester WaveTM: Big Data Streaming Analytics, Q1 2016. In this report Forrester Research finds “[Software AG] offers a comprehensive set of capabilities for companies that wish to undergo a fast digital transformation” The Forrester Wave report goes on to say “Its Apama Streaming Analytics product delivers the scalability, management, operators, and application development tools that world-class enterprises need to make the right decisions in the right moment.” Download your complimentary copy of the report here.

The World’s Most Advanced Streaming Analytics Platform. Yours, for Free.

Curious about putting streaming analytics applications into action? Welcome to Apama Community Edition, a freemium version of the market-leading Apama platform that enables your organization to monitor fast moving data, detect complex business events and patterns, and then respond automatically the moment events happen. Join Apama Community Edition today for videos, tutorials, and resources to help you take advantage of the world’s most advanced streaming analytics platform.

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Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics allows organizations to unlock the value of hidden patterns in big data, so they can predict that an event is likely to occur before it does. By combining this historic information with the live streamed data coming in, they can predict when an event is likely to occur and respond intelligently in a way that will influence the outcome. Learn how Apama from Software AG makes this possible.

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Turning Predictions into Action

There is value in the hidden patterns of streamed data. Find out how to maximise your advantage by responding faster to a wide range of opportunities and challenges and learn how Predictive Analytics for Apama enhances the Apama Streaming Analytics platform by accelerating the deployment of predictive models in your environment.

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Analytics Webinar Series

Streaming Analytics Webinar Series

The new Analytics Webinar Series series is live! Learn how to leverage Streaming and Predictive analytics to maximize the value of your real-time data.

Register for one or more of our upcoming webinars in the Analytics Webinar Series to gain a comprehensive overview of uses cases, benefits and best practices related to streaming and predictive analytics.

The first webinar of the series examines how you can leverage analytics for IoT with Mike Shumpert, VP for Analytics at Software AG and Michael Zeller, Co-Founder of Zementis.

Mike Shumpert
Mike Shumpert
Software AG
Michael Zeller
Michael Zeller

Customer Success Stories

Royal Dirkzwager

Royal Dirkzwager, one of the world’s leading maritime service providers, increased the number of messages it handles in real-time by 300% to respond faster to client requests.

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Schwering & Hasse

Germany-based Schwering & Hasse, which runs 400 production lines around the clock, built a transparent factory with immediate visibility into production quality.

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Interview with Forrester’s Mike Gualtieri

In this video, Forrester Principal Analyst Mike Gualtieri tells us his view on Internet of Things and how best to leverage Streaming Analytics to take full advantage of this new mega trend.

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Stay plugged in to news, events, trends and analysis on Streaming and Predictive Analytics.

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11 November 2015 Anticipate, Influence and Respond Using Apama

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